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Hermes 2011 winter silk inspiration:

Two symbols of the generous towel to invite you on a exploration of Hinduism represents spiritual ascension: " with " ( yantra ) and " mantra " ( Mandala ) and mysterious journey. Carefully arranged square, circle and triangle, merge into a huge and dazzling kaleidoscope patterns, bright colors, washed silk twill velvety soft touch to add many more.

This scarf is inspired by the Hermes collection of a horse blanket, in the absorption of the Scotland Tartan essence at the same time, and a new interpretation of the. The square of light silk is the tribute to the British necktie weaving, above the overprinter has a picturesque horse, with decorative tassels.

Street art onto silk scarves. Kongo is an internationally renowned graffiti artists, invited him to work his magic in Hermes scarf. He took silk twill as cement walls to sway the inspiration, created a bold design, bright color works, a splash of color is filled with the passion and vitality.

Dimitri Rybaltchenko waved his wand, and Kylie pack can shine like stars, ambilight. This scarf tribute to the rich and bold imagination to Hermes enduring classic.

Magic change this scarf will bring you a taste of square dizzier. Fashion illustrator Saw uses color rich, interesting style, will be turned into a square, Pareos, belt... ... The wearer can be folded, rolled towel, and folded into a different shape, to match the different mood. One thousand one ways to wear your scarf!

Robert Dallet is a wild animal artists, the Museum of natural history at Paris, he used the precise brushwork, we show a true and the warmth of the picture: two healthy cats lingering intoxicated in loving, while a few exotic animal in the side watching them, curious and cautious. Dip effect for this intimate scenes on a layer of soft gauze.

The whole shoulder shawl that we seem to be on the " Apache Baishan " the symbol of the world. A proud warrior head bald eagle and Falcon feather, surrounded by the gods aura; at the same time, the four mask used in ritual particularly prominent in the background of the background, background patterns are derived from the dancer's body painting.

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